Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back on Track

Back on track with the bump sweater. Took a while but have gotten the one edging done and ready to start the short rows. This time in the right place at the bottom of sweater and not at the neck line. This is my project of the week. The sleeves will go very fast as they are knitted from seam around. I do think I need to shorten them. I have to remember how small the Mom to Be is.

The rest of the knitting sits here and stares back at me. So many thing I want to make. I do have some stash cotton yarn I got in the yarn frenzy at the knitting guru's house last fall. I am eyeing it on the shelf for a top down Henley Sweater for myself. A free sweater. I do have some other yarn from that day that I need to sort through and lay out some plans for.

The heavy yard work is finally a thing of the past, now its maintain. The huge thorny shrubs out back are way down and cleared up underneath. Walking along the house in the back is not long a tortured trek. For that am glad. We woke to clouds today and a sprinkling of rain. Its only about 85 degrees today. It makes me long for fall and hope we don't go back into the 100 plus weather that makes you want to hide under the bed with little or nothing on to maintain your sanity. I guess I will never get use to the heat again. I am also busy working with the contractor to replace 4 more windows before winter. One is extremely large and is a whole wall from counter to ceiling, in the kitchen. I am loving home more and more with each project completion. I still have painting I need to do in places but it will happen when the mood so moves me.

I am back to giving grandson a ride home from work each day at noon. I can't tell you how sweet that 20 minute commute is with him. Little short chat that makes me feel like I am apart of his life. The best kid ever. The grands on the east coast are going to summer camps. I hope I see them again before the end of the year. They have grown up so fast on me.

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Courtney said...

That wasnt my stash, I was showing the girls on Knitters Review where I hid my $250 purchase I made at Babetta's :-)