Sunday, June 03, 2007

Socks, Shawls and Whales

One Skein Shawl from Knitters Review. I took her idea but used 2 skns and dropped needle size down to 13. I like the slightly more solid look of this. Yarn is Garnstudio's Silke-Tweed, I also like the way it drapes. Probably going to wear this on Thursday when we go to see the Yarn Harlot in Petaluma, CA. This is a fast knit up, about 2 evenings, and was on the Knitters Review News letter, about six weeks ago. Have another being blocked for a friend in SOCAL. Socks on the left are toe ups I have started. The color one is because Felted wants a 'cute to my taste' sock to have on Thursday. I have no idea if this will meet her standards. The sock on the right are the top down. I can stand both ways of making socks but tend to like the fit of the toe up better.

Life has side tracked me a bit for last 10 days or so, reason for no current posting since the 25th of May . But am back on track and going great. Rest of my time has been spent working in yard. I should stop and take a picture. I cleared front flowerbed and got 4 English Lavender plants in the ground. Good thing too cuz I had bought them on Mothers Day and they had out grown their containers. I have front yard pretty cleared up and just need to get some kind of edging around the flower bed. Side yard is slow but getting there. Heat is starting and I don't do heat. So the little time I have is in mornings when I am not at work.

For those that don't live in area but read this blog, the Whales moved out to sea last week and are on their trip north. They vacationed here for a little over 2 weeks and are healthier after a couple doses of antibiotics. The were unable to tag them so we will never know their ventures from here on out. I was amazed to see the changes in their skin texture when they started to move back into the salt water. The skin smoothed out and we were told the water would also help their wounds heal. Interesting what we learn when these things happen. Some are glad to have the port and Sacramento River back for recreation and fishing. Coast Guard Boats kept everyone with in 500 feet of the whales for safety.

Have a great week. Promise to try to post more often, maybe!


Jeanne said...

Beautiful shawl - amazing that you finished it so quickly!

aleakamh said...

I will be there Thursday too!
I wish I had a cool thing to wear- I never manage to keep thing I knit- I always end up giving them away.

aleakamh said...

link didn't work- sorry!