Monday, June 11, 2007

GUESS !!!!!!!!

Ok. Guess whats new in my life?? Go ahead. Try to figure it out. If you can't guess by now check the photo's. Does that help you?

YES!!!! An new grandchild. This makes my 7th. This is my Mother's 10th GreatGrand Child. I hope Grandma B gets a chance to hold the tiny one. I am so excited I am checking out all the following. I got this book on Sat. Its full of cute little mini items. I am guessing this will be great summer knitting. I will be thrilled when I find out if its a boy or a girl. Not for the Pink or Blue factor, but I have to know which side to put the button bands on.

The above sweater I started last night. I will hold off on the fronts till I know which way the buttons will go. I guess in my excitement I will be posting about the knitted items. Close your eyes Kim, so you don't see till I send them to you.

I also have itty bitty pieces of yarn to make the booties at the top. Are they not the cutest things ever, and so small. I will use left over yarns for several pairs of these so that their little feet will stay warm. I have already knitted one small hat but need to search my baby hat book for more ideas. These baby things are so small you only knit about 4 inches before you are cutting in for the sleeves. Now that is fast knitting.
Kim are your eyes still closed? Ok...... I also got yarn to make her a sweet little sweater to be worn this next fall and winter. Very cute. I won't post pictures till its done and on its way. I am very excited about this new little one.
If you see me this summer with a smile on my face knitting away. You can bet what ever I am working on will be for the new one.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new grandbaby! That's such great news!


cherubs0719 said...

Oh isn't it great we are both gonna be grammas again! But I hope the little darlin doesn't expect any knitted stuff from this gramma..But I promise to buy some really cute things LOL..
Love ya Janice,

Charmaine said...

You are sooo funny....I love your blog..I have one but not as cute as yours...I have to take the time to figure out how to do it...same sock char