Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So much yarn so little time

Am still knitting stuff for the small one and have a sweater on the needles for daughter in law. But I am dreaming of knitting the above bag from Tracy Ullman's book Knit 2 Together. Its called the Doctors Bag. I also had scored enough Malabrigo Yarn in the above color way to do it in. I think this was purchased for a sweater but turns out to be perfect for this bag. Piled on top of yarn is handles that I had bought at Knitterly's in Petaluma. You know a girl can never have enough bags. Also Bags always fit no matter what you eat or don't eat. Another plus for bags. On an emergency road trip last Friday, to a yarn sale in Elk Grove at Knitique. I bought a Namaste bag. Very nice and a great color. I have so many ideas to knit the rest of my life would be needles in hand.

In 2 weeks I will be going on another road trip north to Mothers. As it stands at this time, son will be flying out and driving me up and back. And that means 10 hours of free knitting time. That will get me some serious stitchin done. Plus the time at Mom's when we are just sitting around.

Today was a great day. Grandson is back working with us 3 days a week. It means Grammie gets to take him home at noon and we have commute time together. Next week is birthday shopping day and a trip to the theater with Granddaughter to see Nancy Drew. She is reading the books now I read as a child. My has Nancy grown up. She nows drives a fancier car, has a cell phone and uses a computer. So unlike the Nancy I remembered that just relied on Ned and Bes to help her solve the best mysteries. I am so proud of this Granddaughter. At 8 years old she and 2 of her friends had their long long hair cut off to donate for wigs for cancer patients. Pretty good for a small group of small girls. Granddaughter on east coast is playing soccer like a champ. You go girls.... love it!!! Sad to say only one of the two knits though.

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cher said...

Can't wait to see your doctors bag finished. I wanted to join the Knitique knit-a-long for it but it's just too far with work and everything. I can't wait to see your new Namaste bag. Sounds like you have some wonderful grandkids!