Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day and Then Some

Memorial Day. A day of reflection for many. For those that have served us in wars, and for those now serving in a war that continues to tear the world apart. Please take a moment, in what most of us think as a HOLIDAY, and thank them all. Their service to protect us was not a holiday for them.

Wednesday nights group was all about putting MM's lizard afgan together. It was fun for all of us to have a last minute invovelment. This was made for her parents for a anniversary gift. The colors are great as only Noro can be. I know this has been a long process for her but know also the great feeling of accomplishment. (pattern is on free)
Knitting life for me has been slow if any at all. Maybe its the change in seasons. The heat. The what ever.......... its not happening. Maybe over the weekend I will try to play catch up. But next month we are off on a road trip to see the Yarn Harlot. I have enjoyed everyone of her books and look forward to hearing her in person. She does have great humor about knitting and life.
Tonight is school night with the grandkids. I always enjoy hearing them read their writings of the year. Grandson will graduate the 6th grade this year and it won't be long before he will be a teenager.
They are still attempting to move the whales south and out in to the San Francisco Bay. They need the salt water to survive and heal wounds they have gotten from boat propellers. They have tried so many ways to attempt to herd them but they seem to stay up river in fresh water.

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