Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bump Sweater (close your eyes Kim)

Knitting along on the 'Bump Sweater' from Natural Knits for Babies and Mom's. This is a Lousia Harding book with great simple but cute clothing for both Mom and Baby. I have also done the Kimono Baby wrap in some teal colored yarn that will be easy to launder and is a contemporary color. Most yarns I have purchased for the new one will go either on a boy or girl. But it will be fun to find out. As to the Mom's sweater, it is an easy knit also done in neutral color to go. I will finish the back this afternoon and cast on for the front. The front part is short rows to give the 'bump' look. Sides are laced up to give some room to adjust as the tummy grows. I have not seen to many patterns for Maternity clothing. This seems to be a wide open area for new designers to look at. Hint Hint. I realize its a short term wear for some but every woman needs to feel good and look her best.

I hope to finish front of sweater on trip north to Mothers on Sat. Thats a good 5 hours of non stop knitting. The sleeves are knitted side to side as is the top.

I didn't make it to knitting group today as I was to have the kids but that didn't work out. I will make it to Teaz tomorrow night for the Chicks with Sticks Meet up. Then Thursday is road trip day with Felted and SSChar. We are going to take in the 2 Elk Grove Yarn Shops and one in West Sacramento. Two of the 3 shops I have not been to. This is not a sit and knit day this is a see and wish day for yarns. I am looking for buttons for my next sweater. I just about know what I want and guess I should take the yarn with me to make sure. I also have my cable sweater to finish this fall and it will need 4 large buttons.

I am soooooo sure I am going to finish this 'Bump' sweater in next 8 days that I have packed up my Doctors Bag yarn and pattern. I would love to have that cast on by time we return.

I am lucky this trip that Jeff will be with me to help on a couple fronts. One Mother and her business that he can do. The other to give a slight break from time to time. I hope to sneak over to Ashland for a quick run through Websters. I love buying there as there is no tax in the state of Oregon. I should remember to make a list of needles and items I can purchase.

The below cartoon sort of expresses how I feel some days. Getting ready for subdivision inspection is driving me nuts. I just think I have the place ready and the wind blows leaves down, the shrubs decide to grow more for re pruning. Never ending!!!!!! How dare they. Ok, Kim you can open your eyes now.

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