Thursday, May 17, 2007

Molly and Me

This is the grandmother who taught me to knit. I should remember her this month of Mothers Day. Without her all you knitting people out there would not know me. I wouldn't be part of your knitting groups.
I need to thank the HEAD FROG, for the button you see over on left side. She made that for my blog and also taught me how to do links last nite. I won't do any of those this morning as I am at work and just needed to thank her for being a friend and a knitting/computer guru. Since closing the shop she has managed to keep our knitting Tuesdays, Wedsdays and Sundays groups going with her Meet Ups. Plus setting up her new business, yarn online. I will think of her today as she is going back to high school and classes today. I will also give you a link to that later. It was good to see my friend last nite, who is also starting to quilt..... you know who you are. I need to call you Lady In Red, which is so your color. Have a great day everyone !!!

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cher said...

So we've finally got Violet knitting again, maybe we can get her to blog again too!