Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What Happened To Winter?

I am wondering what happened to winter? Is this the false spring we sometimes have? Driving home from work today I noticed trees all over in full bloom. Convertibles with the top down. People in flip flops and shorts. I fear if this is all the winter we get, we are going to be having some major water problems before July is over. I am not sure my yard will live through the no water, then the big freeze of January. It is very brown looking. I'll spray paint it green if I have to. Think of the mowing I won't have to do. I am including pictures I have seen of the train yard in Roseville, and the rice fields that start about a 1/2 mile from my house and are all over the northern part of the state.

On Friday I drive north, searching, again, for Mt. Shasta on my way to Mom's.

On the knitting side of life. I just keep plugging away on the Clapotis. I think I must be the last soul in the world still knitting on this 'hot' pattern of 2 years ago. I have always been behind somewhat. I took tap lessons when I was four and half. I got lessons free cuz I was cute and they used me in posters for dance reviews. But Dad always told me I was called half step. Not because I was shorter or little. Because I was always a half step behind the others in my dance group. A few dozen years later I seem to be doing the same with knitting. My knitting is packed for this weekend. I have an idea what clothes to pack, and I need to pack up all Mothers paperwork for the Tax Man. It will be a busy 4 days this weekend.


Mike said...

Laughin...half step....well..some of us just can't quite keep..the rythem..going...

Love the fact you got free lessons..cause you were soo cute.. would love to see that poster..laughing

If ur leaving better have more than an ideal of what you're going to better get with

Courtney said...

I Found You !!! :-)