Saturday, February 10, 2007

Life Changes

Today is a homesick day. In the late 70's I moved to a small community in the Gold Country of California. The far northern part of the Gold Country. The little town I liked the best and live the longest in is Nevada City. This is a picture of the main street of town. When I retired I was living alone in an apartment in Nevada City. I lived on the 3rd floor of this apt. building with a big deck on the back that was up in the trees. There were old abandoned gardens in the back and nobody could see inside the apt. It was so secluded I made a small bedroom at one end of the deck and in the late spring, summer and early fall I slept out there. Very safe. Nobody could get to the deck. There was a roof covering it, so was very protected from weather. No matter how hot it got, the deck in the trees was cool to sleep at night. My son and daughter thought it was time for me to make a move. I am not sure how they selected that I live near my daughter, but 2 1/2 yrs ago I moved to Roseville. Sometimes things trigger such a loneliness for Nevada City and today was one of those days. I use to walk to the bank, post office and anywhere in town I needed to. I was 2 blocks from work. Life was good. I had alot of friends there. A complete support system for what ever I needed. There were times I had medical issues, and I always had a ride to what ever appointment I needed. I did the same for them. I ran into someone today from Nevada City. They were shocked that I would ever move away from there. I agree. I am still in shock. The picture on the top right was taken 1 block from my apt. Hard to believe you live one block off the main street of town and had the privacy I did in that little apt. The people you knew and would see while walking to the post office. The main street packed with tourist on a sunny weekend. The events that we had one block from where I lived. The Teddy Bear Convention, Fat Tuesday Parade, Fourth of July Parade, Bike Races, Hot Summer Nights every Weds nite during summer, Victorian Christmas, when it was cold and the streets were full of people dressed in costumes. Farmers Markets held all over the area. It was a great home town for almost 30 years. I miss it still. But living about 2 miles from me now, are daughter, the best son in law ever and 2 grandchildren. Life changes.

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