Sunday, February 04, 2007

Knitting Sunday

Gift to myself. I have always said if I saw the right stitch markers I would get them. I wasn't just looking for bright shinny beads, I wanted something related to knitting. I found these yesterday. They were made by a local person and sold at the LYS. They make me smile. I am still knitting along on my Clapotis and when done will post a picture. Right now it looks dull and boring. I also finished a small hat and kimono for a new baby. I will also post those soon. Part of my yarn purchases for January was enough Noro Kochoran to make a Lady Eleanor. (pictured above) I love the soft muted colors and will be excited to see them knit up. I may fight with the daughter for final product. I also cast on for a pair of Jay Walker Socks. They are a small change from the large Clapotis and I can take them with me easier. I spent yesterday visiting one LYS and over dosing on yarns. I enjoy doing that, it gives me a shot in the arm to come home and knit faster so I can plan my next project. So much yarn so little time. Its not looking good for stitches west this year. Amtrack has changed the commute trains to the Bay Area. There is no longer a 7 am train. A person can either go at 4:45 AM or 11:23 AM. The first is a terrible hour to get up and dressed and down to the train station and the other would get us there in time to take the train home. I am not brave enough to drive it anymore. There was a time I would of not even thought of taking a train I would of been in the rush hour traffic loving it. I had promised myself some Socks That Rock Yarn and a book from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Last year I had no idea what I would want as I had not been to Stitches. This year I was going with a plan. I can always order them off the internet but somehow that just isn't as much fun as seeing the colors live and touching them. In the long run I would probably really be saving money. I am off to get another cup of coffee and my knitting. I do have plans to not watch the superbowl. Some movies.

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