Monday, February 19, 2007

I Have Returned

Another view of Mt. Shasta means my return from seeing Mom. She has been in a Hospice House since Dec. 8th, and is doing so good she will be a graduate on Weds Feb. 21st. This time we are taking her home to live in her house with my brother and his wife. They both work so we have caregivers coming in to take care of her during the day. We will judge from there how much more time we need to have caregivers in. Her friend of about 50 years was in the room next to her. She lost her fight last Weds and services were this morn. The friends daughters and nieces were all my friends yrs ago in school. Its a small town and the support system for all of us circles us with hugs, while one goes through difficult times. There are not enough words to discribe the people who work at Hospice House. They are angels. Loving people who care for us family, as they do their patients. It was difficult to say good bye to them this morning.

On Sat. I took Mother for a ride over the Siskiyou's into Oregon. She loves the park in Ashland and it was such a beautiful day that I parked her by the creek and she could hear the water while I snuck into Websters. Websters is a wonderful yarn shop in Ashland. I got needles, new Interweave Knits Magazine for spring, and 2 needle cases. My treat to myself was some Colinette yarn for socks. They seem to have a new sock yarn called Jitterbug. Feels yummy. I also recast on the right size needles, the Jay Walker socks out of the Treking yarn. That about sums up my knitting time.
This last picture is coming down the south side of the Siskiyou Summit looking out over the valley towards Hilt and in the far background you would usually see Mt. Shasta from the north. The clouds block it. This is the highest summit on all of Interstate 5. I am off to unpack, relax and find some dinner.

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