Saturday, May 03, 2008

Knitting, babies and such

Knitting along as fast as I can on a baby blanket for a friends shower!! I am doing the corner to corner thing and I am almost down to the decrease side. On Weds while shop hoppin yarn stores, I found the perfect contrast color for border so am looking forward to when I can start it. Something new, and I am always will to attempt something new.
As I said on Weds we did the Yarn Shop Hop. Felted, The Swatch Queen and myself traveled to Nevada City to Meadow Farms Yarn Studio, with a stop at the best Ben Franklin store after. They have an amazing yarn section with lots of great yarns to check out along with patterns, and other important things to the knitting world. Then it was on to Fibers. Each store has its on special yarns and great owners and employee's. I was happy to see Ellen at Meadow Farms again. Starting at Babetta's yesterday, the same threesome then traveled down to Elk Grove to see Knitique and then over to The Yarn Shoppe. Each day the driver was bought lunch by the other 2. Yesterday's lunch had enough left overs I got dinner out of it. Saw beautiful yarn, great knitting bags (which we all know is my thing)! The shops are all unique in their own way, lay outs, staff and little knitting corners where a person can sit down and actually put the yarn on the needles. Had a great 2 days with 2 great friends.
The last thing of the day is my newest picture which is called:
Mommie just washed my hair and I can't do a thing with it!!!


Antevasin said...

That baby is too cute Janice! I see nothing wrong with his freshly shampooed coif myself...nothing a little spiking gel wouldn't fix. Then he would look just like the bigger kids walking around these days. :=)

cher said...

OMG, he is soooooo cute!
Aren't you just loving your new bag?
Isn't she soft?
See you tomorrow!