Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In Order To Not Annoy My Few Friends...

In Order to not annoy my few friends, by filling their email with pictures of the darling grandson, I will add them to the blog where I can fill in my perfect comments. You know the ones that are like cartoon captions! Above is Jackson and his beautiful sister, the soccer player. Jackson, being almost 4 months old has already attended more than his life time share of soccer games between this sister or his brother. Some weekends it means 3 to 4 games. Jackson is having a look like..... 'How come S. has teeth and I don't?' And she has brand new shinny braces to add to them. They look swell!!!

Below is a picture of Jackson looking shocked to realize he has more hair than his Dad. See what you have to look forward to Jackson? Not to worry dear Grammie will knit you a wig.

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Antevasin said...

OMG Janice...he is sooo cute!!! I love his