Monday, May 12, 2008

Once again THE mtn

Once again, I share a photo of Mt. Shasta. I am attempting to learn to use my camera for some better pictures. Since I have had it I just point and click. That sounded like it is a Smith and Wesson, not a Cannon camera!!! I tend to do the easy way out, but am going to expand my horizons. I spent this weekend in Yreka with Mother. We had a nice time with just us girls. My brother and his wife take a weekend away when I can get up there. On the way home yesterday I stopped in Dunsmuir to take care of my Grandparents grave site. It is important to mother that we do this each May in time for Memorial Day. On Sat we drove out to Little Shasta Cemetery to check Dads family plots. The valley is so green and pretty. Wide open pastures with old ranch homes.
On my drive north I noticed Shasta Lake was so low, I understand better now we are headed into a drought in California. The lake is only 1/2 full. It will get very low before October rains start again.
Knitting content: none!!!! (I need to get back to the needles)

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