Sunday, June 01, 2008

Questions of Life

No photo's in today's blog. They would frighten you if I had had enough nerve to even have taken one.
Sometimes I wonder if I am aging gracefully. Which I see so many doing so well. I see whiter hair, a wrinkle here, a sag there and say, 'ok I can deal with those' I won't turn on the light in the bathroom and they almost don't exist. I dress age appropriate, I believe. I don't wear cut off jean shorts where the bottom of my bottom can hang out. I am smart enough to know that slapping sound I hear behind me when I walk is that bottom and it can't be a pretty picture. I have learned to not be afraid to ask for my senior discount. (fixed income ya know) I try hard not to offer my 'wise' advice to the younger generations. But yesterday I saw something that really brought all these little things to light and wonder if I am doing the right thing or not.
I went knitting with friends, and stopped at In N Out for my weekly burger fix sitting quietly at a table reading my book and savoring every bite of my meal, when I hear this loud voice at the door. I have to look up to see what is happening. Standing in the door way is a sight that made me lay down my burger, stop dipping the fries in the catsup and stare. I mean stare. It was impossible to turn my head and be polite even. I was so involved in my stare I didn't even think to take out my phone and snap a photo!! Standing there was a woman wearing very tight leopard spotted shorts.... short shorts. A black skin tight tank top. Bleached out white hair pulled up in a pony tail. Long dangly earrings that brushed her shoulder tops. Bright red cheeks and eyes that I couldn't even focus on for color as the round black circles around them stunned me. Now I realize maybe this doesn't seem the most outrageous thing. But the final straw was the black fish net leggings that just set this outfit off. Yes I said fish net. Bright red (I think they matched her cheeks) toenails. In some wedge kinda thong shoes. She was actually yelling at someone that she had found a table outside, like maybe if anyone in the restaurant missed her, they would notice after the shout out!! To fill in the rest of this image is... she was not a dainty small lady, nooooo. She was maybe older than me even. There I sat feeling so under dressed to be in the public. I was wearing denim cropped pants, a plain yellow t shirt, with some sandals. I could easy of blended in with the wall paper if in fact In N Out had wallpaper. Now the question to all of you, who follow my extremely exciting thrilling life on this blog, am I not dressing right? Do I need a wardrobe consultant? This is your chance to tell me the truth. Go for it!
On the knitting side of life I am fighting with the GAUGE issue. Just when I think I understand it and knit along, I go outta gauge. I had this idea from watching the Queen of Cables, that a few cotton t shirt kinda tops would give me something to wear in summer months, and they have to be easy to make up. Right? .....NOT!

Cotton knits so different than other yarns, that you have to go back to bamboo needles to keep the stuff on the needles even. Well that gauge didn't work either, so back to the Options. I cast on for the 4th time at 10 pm last nite, in bed and knit 4 rows. I have made up my mind. This is it no matter what this 'cute' little t shirt looks like or who it will even fit.

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Antevasin said...

Color, color, color...which is why that cute little tshirt you're making needs to fit YOU! Well, you said to go for it :=) You have been getting better about it though!