Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knitting and more Knitting

I have no pictures to post as all my knitting this time of the year is for Christmas. I have the largest knitted item off the needles, waiting to be blocked. The second largest is about half way complete, and hope to have it done by the weekend. I then have 2 small items to complete. Wow, every year the same thing, and I swear I will not over commit myself to holiday knitting again. I want to get back to knitting for myself.

I am dreaming of casting on for the following :

This is a sweater from Knitty.com . A great pattern that Felted and I are doing as a knit along. That is the formal name for it, really its a support system to make a person complete things with in a timely manner. That is what I need most. I have gotten the yarn. Katmandu in the same color way, browns, blacks, that I knitted up one of my Christmas Gifts out of. Great feeling yarn and works up well.

Felted has to order her yarn yet, but there is time. We have 3 weeks of December to finish Christmas items.

I also intend to pick up the Doctor's Bag and finish it. One side of the bag is completed the other cast on. I am so familiar with the pattern now it should knit up faster. I have not bought the lining for this bag yet but there is time during the January sales to do this. It feels good to getting back into the UFO's and think of a sweater sitting here bagged up and waiting for me.

We had a great time at Felted's house last Sunday. "Scones and Skeins". Good food, lots of laughs and a good deal of rows completed on one gift. We talked patterns, things we all dream of knitting and poured over a stack of her knitting books. Its fun to see others books and patterns. Ideas just accumulate on projects.

Today we had 3 of us at the Tuesday knitting meet up. The Swatch Queen, Felted and myself. We need to get our others back into the groove of meeting. We miss CC and Little Cathy, MM and the Head Frog. Today we were actually able to sit outside in the sun and relax in the great weather.

Keep those needles going. Three weeks left!!

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Knittin' pretty said...

I can hardly wait to get to my first Scones and Skeins...doc says I can do what I want now up to the point of "not tiring" myself out. YES!!! Today to be my first of driving the car...look out! LOL