Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It Fits!!!

I just received a photo of my daughter in law, modeling The Bump Sweater!! Am very happy to say it fits and she loves it. I am so pleased, as she lives 3000 miles away and I had no idea as I was making it if the fit would be ok.
They also unwrapped all the baby knitting that I completed over the summer and early fall. We know that they will fit as the baby grows.
Tonight is 'Chicks with Sticks' night and I will be working on my second Christmas Gift. Can't say what it is here in case someone stops to read this. But its family.
I have so many plans for knitting this winter and they are, for the most part, from my stash. This is good news for me. I love looking around and making a plan and being able to reach out and have the yarn on hand.
I spend last weekend organizing my needles. They are all in needle cases and labeled with sizes. I still dream of getting the Option Needle set from Knit Picks. But its always a good thing to dream of something.


cher said...

The sweater looks so good on her. Nice job! A perfect fit.

Laurie said...

The sweater looks better than it did in the book. She is a wee tiny thing, isn't she? Perfect fit on the "bump".