Monday, November 05, 2007

How Time Flys By

How time flys I didn't realize how many weeks it has been since I last posted. Life throws us lots of lemons at times, and not being a great cook, I forgot how to make lemonade.
On to the knitting front at my house. I cast on last night Monkey Socks. Now I did this so I would have something simple to knit on when meeting up with other knitters. I find I am not able to knit in pattern..... WHAT was I thinking?? These will be done at home also, and for a change I am doing 2 socks at once so I don't catch that dreaded 'second sock syndrome' illness. I just have the worst time with a second sock. I want to move on to something new and exciting. well this way I am planning on doing section by section and both socks at once. This is a Colinette Jitterbug yarn. SOOO nice to knit with.
I have completed son's Christmas present. A nice scarf made of Kathmandu Aran yarn in browns,tan, gray and black tweedy yarn. I did it in a herringbone pattern. The texture shows up so nice and I am very happy with this. Finished this Sunday nite and it will be blocked this afternoon. Picture will follow after blocking.

Flair for daughter is cast on. I picked a brown yarn for her also as it seems to be her favorite color. This yarn is Paton's with some orange and yellow flecks in it. My Flair sweater has been set aside till I complete 3 Christmas gifts. I am attempting to avoid last minute panic..... or as I did one year, "out sourcing' my knitting to make the deadline.

My package of baby items including a 'Bump Sweater' for daughter in law was shipped last Monday and due to arrive today in DC. I wish I could see their faces when they open the package. I managed to get 3 sweaters, 3 hats, 3 pairs of socks, along with a few items I bought for the soon to be newest member of the family.

Finally... what you see to the left is myself and Franklin Habit from The Panopticon Blog. The Camellia City Stockinettes, contacted Franklin and invited him to Sacramento to photograph knitters in this area for his book "1000 Knitters". Not only am I please to possibly be part of this book, I was delighted to meet the nicest man who I felt I knew very well from 2 years of reading his blog. This yarn world is strange. When you know someone knits, and you follow their fiber lives on a blog, you have an immediate comfort when you meet. Franklin you were just great. I am only sorry Dolores had a touch of illness,(Franklin mentioned her and something about the bar at the hotel the night before), hope the flight home made things better for her. Next time Dolores!!

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