Sunday, November 18, 2007

In An Attempt........

In an attempt to enter the holiday spirit, when mine is not real high this year, I will be listing my knitting projects. I will be doing this so as to be committed to do all the possible speed knitting I can accomplish between now and Christmas. Have some of you heard me say in the past I won't be doing this anymore? Well I guess I fibbed cuz here I am the weekend before Thanksgiving attempting to do the impossible. (from this you can easily guess what my New Years Resolutions will be once again on Jan 1st.)

1. ________ for Mother. Yarn in stash.
2. ________ for Son. Completed (yippie)
3. ________ for Daughter. (3/4's done)
4. ________ for Granddaughter #1
5. ________ for Granddaughter #2 (yarn purchased)
6. ________ for Grandson #1 (haven't a clue what it will be)
7. ________ for
8. ________ ENOUGH!!!!!

Ok this isn't working. I can add this up already.... I may be praying for out sourcing to compete what I do have planned, and I realize now I have nothing planned for those not getting any knitting. Do you realize why so many people get so depressed at holiday time?? We try to do to much. I will continue this post on News Years Day with a list for next year and what I won't be doing again!!!
May I wish you all a wild shopping adventure next weekend! If you are attempting to go to a mall, be sure to take sleeping bags, food.... it may be a long day.

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