Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Revolt of Duncan

Meet Duncan!! He has been with me for 6 years now. I adopted him when he was 5. As life goes on, he has been a fairly good cat. He seem to understand that he was to large for furniture leaping, counter top crawling and lap sitting. Duncan weighs in at about 28 lb these days. He has been on 'catkins' for several years with out much change in his weight. I feed him what the vet recommended in the amounts the vet told me to give. Does this please the 28 lb flying cat? Not always. He wants more. If I fill his bowl in the morning its gone by 9 AM.... so his feeding schedule has been little bits all day long so he doesn't throw up all over the house by one feeding. We have worked this out between us and until about 10 days ago we have done ok.

10 days ago you ask? Well the war began. Duncan decided he would take over the house. It was his domain to control. He leaped to the counter tops... walked around till he came to the breakfast table. (a small drop leaf table that is very old) If he got a fast enough run on the counter top he would leap to the table. Five or so flights like this and the table folded up on him..... crashed down to the floor taking a chair with it. Before the table folded up on him he could then leap to the bar between the kitchen and the dining room.... then on over to the dining room table. I ask WHO of you told him he was supercat? He has no leotards with a big "S" on the chest! I thought I had groomed Duncan quite well. Brushing almost daily. But he tended to leave some ugly stuff all over the counter tops. Kitty litter caught in his paws and I won't describe what else!!

I covered the counter tops with everything I could find that he could not push off to the floor. But no, that wasn't enough. Off goes the butter dish. If I turned my back the 1/2 and 1/2 carton would be leaking out all over the floor. I was sick that my cat was turning into a monster..... sweet little Duncan was no longer the cat I had lived with for 6 years.

Yesterday morning I got up and found he had climbed over everything to get to the coffee pot and it was full of fur and what ever. I had it... I was as mad as hell!! You can do alot to me, but if I can't have coffee as soon as my eye lids open, the day is going down hill fast. I looked this cat in the eyes and told him "the war is on Duncan'. I sprayed him with a spray bottle, he ran to hide. As soon as I cleaned one small section of the counter in order to make coffee he was back. That is when I moved his bowl of water, food and bed to the laundry room. I was mad as hell and wasn't going to take it any more!!

Duncan is now given a spray of water and locked in the laundry room. I now refer to this as Duncan's room. Yes am sad to say we do 'Duncan Time Outs'. The strangest thing happened. Duncan likes his room. Now when he comes out he follows me around for a bit, and goes back to his room. I am not sure I am allowed in to even do laundry. I am determined to win this War!!!! Anyone want to place bets?

Yarn Life:
For my birthday I received 8 skeins of the most beautiful pale blue baby Alpaca from Son and family. He actually went to his LYS.... which is where I go when I am at his house, and picked this yarn out himself..... I was amazed, happy and giddy. I spent hours yesterday pouring over my knitting books, on line, in Ravelry seeking out the perfect pattern. I have narrowed it down to 3 and will do gauge and see what I work out!!! Thank you son, daughter in law, and 4 beautiful grandkids.... you are all the best.

I have no pictures to post as they are all secret things that can't be revealed until after Christmas. I have 2 items to finish. One is 3/4's done and the other just started. Knit Knit Knit.... as fast as I can.

I am going to leave you with a beautiful picture of my favorite mountain, Mt. Shasta. I did not take this one but enjoy this mountain so much I have to share it with you.


Laurie said...

You crack me up! It sounds like Duncan still wins...I have to give a point or two to him for taking over the laundry room (maybe that was his goal all along).

Terry & Jonesy said...

Duncan will always win. Give it up. Our Niki Wiki changed his personality over the 19-years he lived with us. As he got older, he got more vocal, demanding, and loving. We sure miss him...
Terry Sailingknitter on the sailing vessel Niki Wiki