Friday, October 19, 2007

Put it in Writing, does it really happen?

The Bump Sweater is almost complete. About 4 inches left on sleeves then sewing up and dealing with all the little ends.
That will end my finishites for the time being. All other projects will be put on hold...... see the picture here. It shows holidays coming at us in warp speed. That means I am selecting which small projects I will be knitting and who they will be for, has to be decided this weekend. I think I have already selected the 3 small items I will be knitting....... and 1 large one. The large one will involve me putting aside my Flair and Doctor Bag. I will add them back to the line up around my knitting chair. Soon I will be unable to leave the chair and someone will have to pipe in some food to me. I will stumble and fall and break a leg trying to escape the chair.
One project is in the new Holiday Knits, Interweave Mags. It is a small teddy bear for youngest granddaughter. The other a scarf for son.. something in heather tones.. I have it visualized in my mind. Then the large one is for daughter dearest. I think I shall be doing the Flair for her.. I like top down knitting and she likes things in brown tones. Yarn is already sitting here waiting to be made into something.. perfect!!!.... I refuse to have to out source my hobby like I did 2 years ago when my holiday knitting was out of control. How many of you out there in blog land over commit yourself to holiday knitting? How many of you have wrapped up yarn and a picture of what you intended to knit? By putting this in writing to you all I am committed to start early and finish what I have stated., I can do this! I can do this! I can do this.....Its in writing now.. will that really make it happen?
I challenged my Weds night knit group to add up all their sock yarn..... how many pairs of socks do they have still unknitted...... Confession time next week girls.. don't forget it! I will be rounding up all my stray sock yarn this weekend and pictures will be taken. Be interesting to see who ...........


Knittin' pretty said...

Too funny Janice! I think I will just sit back and track your progress for a while. If it looks like putting it in writing is working for you, I'm going to jump in too. I went to Filati's today and can you believe I almost bought more sock yarn!?!? Arrrggghhhh I'm not as bad as some, but I guess the truth will come out when I start counting mine up this weekend. See ya Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Janice dah-ling...I believe I should be at the top of your list. I am still waiting for those socks! So get that yarn and start workin! Stop dilly dallying around. Love you as always...socks or no socks....xoxoxo Happy Holidays petunia! Kathy (Bays)