Sunday, September 16, 2007

Car Cover anyone?

Not a lot of knitting this week. Seems I have been side tracked with painting, deep cleaning of closets and kitchens. I do miss my knitting and am just sure this car vest will look lovely on my VW bug when I get around to it. I probably have the required yarn around the house here and won't have to buy much more. The buttons may be a problem, finding them the right size.
I did manage to bind off on the top down cardigan for baby. I now refer to this as the wheels on the bus go round and round, as this is the sweater with the cute little bus buttons. Someone mentioned reading that and the song has been floating around in my empty head for a week now.
I have also cast on for an EZ baby surprise sweater. The whole pattern looks confusing to me and I think I may of made 3 attempts at starting this and ended up frogging them all. This time I am in a small KAL with the Friday Nighttime Needlers group.
Since the extreme temps have dropped here I am wanting to finish up all baby knitting and move on to some things for my self, sitting on the shelf here starting at me. I so far only have one reasonable size project in mind for Christmas knitting. But first all baby items finished and in the mail. Then back to our regular schedule knitting.

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Courtney said...

Very cute car cover :-)