Monday, June 16, 2008

Signs of Summer

Signs of summer comes with lots of visuals. Like swimming pools, shorts, no school for grandkids. But as life gets older (note I said life, not me) mine comes in the forms of what I am knitting when the heat arrives. Above is a cotton/acrylic t-shirt style top I am knitting for myself. Its Berroco Calico. Bought on sale. Love that sale yarn. The back is completed and the front is about done. Then all is left is sleeves and sewing it up. I was looking for something I could knit and stand to wear in the summer heat here. I have some cotton that I found in my stash (it was well hidden, from myself I guess) That in my mind I am trying to figure out what kind of top I can knit with. I bought it in 1989. It is time it surfaced and was put into use.

I have also started another part time, temp job. I am work 2 days a week with friends at my LYS, giving the owners time to search for a full time employee. I like this job, maybe because I know its temp and its only 2 afternoons a week. But by Friday afternoon I can feel those hours. I do enjoy watching others shop and what they are knitting. I am also taking this job as a short semester at the college of knitting. I am learning that gauge thing better and also taking in all the colors possible in the world. I also like to think of it as 'Fondling the Cashmere'.

This last photo is of a plant which has bloomed in last few days. My Knitting Guru's husband has this terrific green thumb and he gave this to me a week ago....... Look Guru and Hubby, its still alive. But I forgot the name of it!! Help remind me the name. Does this all give you a clue about my 'green thumb'? It falls in there with my gauge issues on knitting.
I am off to meet up with the Lawn Mower. Another sign of summer!!!!!

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