Sunday, January 13, 2008

We will now return to our regularly scheduled program

Yes I live and breath. I am excited as I cast on last nite, for the Oblique. Back to knitting items for myself. Does that sound selfish? Maybe, but you never know how the gifts you knit will be taken when received. So you get more comfort knitting stitch by stitch for yourself. I am using same yarn I used on son's scarf he received for his birthday the first of Dec. Queensland Kathmandu Aran. Love this stuff, easy and feels good to knit with.

A few items I did for myself right after the holiday knitting was completed was the hat I call "My Hat"..... original would you not say. I was happy to have this fast knit up. Pattern came with purchase of yarn from Auburn Needleworks. The yarn is the bulky from Brown Sheep. Let me tell ya when its windy and chilly out you can feel the warmth in this hat. Love'n it.

The second item I finished, but had started in early December, were a pair of Monkey Socks. Great pattern from These were designed by CookieA and seem to be appearing on all blogs. Of course I have to try things that others are talking about. I want to test myself on these new items. At times its a good thing at other times I wonder a lot 'WHAT WAS I THINKING'.

The bottom two photo's here are the sweaters I made for Granddaughter and Daughter for Christmas. I made GD's out of some very strong Lions Brand yarn. Sometimes kids items end up laying around a lot on the school play ground. I wanted this sweater to survive!

It will survive and it fit her perfect.

The last is the Flair sweater from Knit and Tonic.
Sweet little sweater that was an easy knit and Daughter says people stop and ask her about it. Even when she is working in a dress shop. Surprising!

Now you ask, did I make resolutions for the New Year. NOPE. Will knit what I can when I can. I do intend to knit out of stash as much as possible and will keep let you know the few items I have planned already on next post or so. No commitments here..... nope. might break them again.

I also will be posting a picture of the cool gift I got from my exchange partner at Chicks with Sticks. I had fun putting my package together for Dana and even baking for her. My camera is currently out of batteries so these things shall wait.

Hurry up Felted, swatch and cast on for Oblique!!!! Am waiting.

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Courtney said...

All your projects look great :-) I love the monkey socks :-)