Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

I am here today to report I am really a knitter. After days of doubts and confirming those that thought I was really faking this knitting thing, I am off and running on the Oblique pattern. I had the assistance of the 'Knitting Guru' and things fell into place. She saved me again. But I think her driving force was my comment that I would be selling my stash on the curb as I was a failure. I have to say I am enjoying this sweater now and have passed the first decrease. Everything is coming together. I know I will stumble again, lots of pattern to keep track of, but I am enjoying it today.
Yesterday was fun, I took the 'Knitting Guru' to lunch and knitting with Felted, the Gauge Queen and our long lost missing knitter CC. Little Cathy we missed you. We were very happy to see CC as she has been missing for a couple months now. She also announced she is headed to Paris, France this spring and how did she locate yarn shops there. Well CC your first option is GET A COMPUTER. Then you can check on line! She is one of the last hold outs in this world on going techno...... but I know she has heard this from all her friends and rolls her eyes at us when we suggest it. We also stopped at the local Library to check out books on tape. Since TV sucks so bad, with the writers strike, and there are a few long Sundays of knitting at home, I will start listening to some books I have not had time to read. My first choice is James Patterson's Beach Road. Looking forward to this as it is 7 hours long. That should count for lots of stitches on the Oblique.
I have no pictures to post as again I haven't gotten batteries for camera. I promise its coming. SOON

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deedeekh said...

That is a great idea Janice..books on audio! I knew they existed but I have never done that. So when you're finished with one, are you allowed to say "oh yeah, me? yeah, I READ that one!" or do you say "oh heck yeah, I LISTENED to that one!" lol I'm gonna check that out though since the new library at Mahaney Park is open now...and it's gorgeous!!!