Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Friends and one more done!!

We had a great knitting group this afternoon. The Gauge Queen, Felted, Little C, MM and the Head Frog., oh yeah and myself. We haven't all managed to get together for some time for a Tuesday Knit Group. It was nice to see so many of us together again. And of course, see what everyone is working on. We managed a lot of catch up.

My knitting news consists of finishing the EZ Baby Surprise Sweater. Yes, another one done for the soon to be new addition in our family. I love the buttons they are little mittens. And what does a Grandmother knit if there is left over yarn? Another hat of course! This baby will be warm living in cold Washington D.C. Next project is the last hat to go along with the other sweater I knitted earlier this summer. THEN I AM DONE WITH BABY KNITS!!!

Time to move on to other projects I have on needles. I am anxious to finish up my Doctors Bag and my Flair sweater. Then I have a few small things I would love to get done before the holidays. I said I wasn't going to knit for family this year. But I can't resist a few things. And 4 other Grand kids in D.C. think they need hats now. I have received my orders, without even asking for them. Its going to be a busy winter with needles.

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Knittin' pretty said...

Hi Janice,
It was good seeing you at the Wednesday night knitting group too! I LOVE seeing all the baby things you've done...that is going to be one very lucky baby! Hope to
see you next Wednesday as well...

p.s. my blog is at www.ddheartsknitting.blogspot.com Not sure if that shows up here or not for you, so just in case. Stop by sometime! :=)