Sunday, August 31, 2008

Returning to Regular Schedule Knitting

Ah at long last!!! A new knitting chair for me, thanks to Felted and her hubby Mr. T. A fast trip to Ikea, and a car that everything fit into allows me to introduce you to my new knitting corner of the world. I have already enjoyed a short evening of knitting after putting this together. The chair was easy. Add legs, put cover on cushions and sit down. Ottoman different story!! It was a puzzle, of which totally confused me but with some assistance its done and ready for my use.

I am sailing along, almost 1/2 way done, of Mothers scarf. It is a simple Ann Norling pattern called..... Simple Lace. Its so simple I don't need to have the pattern with me even. I can knit on it and even watch TV. Well...... as long as I don't watch the DNC. I had to stop and tink back as I watched BO speak last Thursday night.

Am off to knit knit knit!!!

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Violet said...

Hey Lady! You need to update your blog :)