Friday, August 15, 2008

The Chair!

Little knitting content today. I have had a major fall out here. The chair that sits in the corner of the studio, with the good light to knit by, has fallen down on me. I kept wondering why I felt like my butt was sitting on the floor, why I struggled to climb up outta the chair. I only learned why about 2 weeks ago when I dropped a stitch marker and reached down and under the chair searching for it. Something was blocking my reaching under the chair. So setting the knitting down, I got up and turn the chair over only to realize, all the springs had fallen out. They were flat on the floor. Now this chair was a prize when I found it. Old, yard sale and dragging it home trying to clean the upholstery should give you a clue how old it is. I am guessing 1920's. I drove by a yard sale one Saturday and there it was on the curb, with its thumb out trying to hitchhike home with me! I turned around and found parking and quickly parked myself in it so nobody else would get this treasure. Now 25 years later, I realize I don't think anyone was fighting me for this chair!! I loved it. Paid for it and raced home to get the pick up to take it home in. This chair has been my reading cozy spot, knitting comfort zone for all those 25 years. I think it was tired. I think it said enough of your butt, ENOUGH I say!!!!

Last week Felted and I did what was called a short road trip. We went to Ikea. Now that is enough distance away from home for me to claim it a road trip that needs plans.... maps, someone leading me there so I find my way back. We found just the chair I wanted, along with a super size ottoman that is a BIG storage factor. What knitter doesn't need storage.? I had to think it over but now realize I am not doing any knitting as I can't find a comfort zone. Time to replace the old girl and give her a quiet trip to chair heaven. I will be shopping and bring home my new knitting zone chair as soon as I have time and transportation back to Ikea.

I have finished another pink t shirt type summer top. I haven't had photo's of it but will try for one later today as I am wearing it to work this afternoon. The summer sale at the shop has kept me very busy so coming home and fondling yarn has not happened. I do have my Christmas knitting plan in place and yarn waiting for me. Daughter, Mother and grandson are the winners of this year's knitted presents. Grandson's gift has the back done and a good start on the front. It is perfect knitting in the over 100 degrees we are having. But I am ready to pull out the wool and do sweaters again, mainly starting on Daughters gift.


picking2gogranny said...

Yes, sitting comfort is important. I bet you'll not be comfortable in the new chair for a while.

Mycki said...

I love my knitting chair. I've only had mine for 8 years and since I got it new, I'm sure it's comfort level doesn't compare to your well-worn "old girl"!