Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fast Trip

As you can see my fast trip was back up to Mothers. It was near her birthday and I had not been up to see her since July. I wanted to share views that she sees daily from her front room. Of course above is her favorite view, Mt. Shasta. This is from her new front room windows. She watches the mountain change with the seasons.

The above pictures are also from her huge front room windows. Across the canyon she sees the trees change to gold each fall. It gives new meaning to there is gold in "them thar hills". The road is from is at her house. When I tell you she lives in the mountains I really mean the mtns. Her location is about 8 miles out of town in the forest. The winters bring up to 10 feet of snow at her house to fear of wild fires burning through the canyon each summer. Somehow she and Dad survived nearly 36 years of living at this location and were able to live with the extreme seasonal concerns. I could not do it. My brother now spends most of his winter plowing them out and during the summer clearing near the house so the fire crews will help if such a terrible thing happened.. I couldn't live with it. I fear the fires when I am there in summer time, and I don't drive in the snow during the winters. I never thought of myself as a city girl but guess I am.

On the knitting side of life I seem to be not getting as many stitches done as I should. I am working on daughters Christmas gift. I have all the items I need to ship back east for Christmas to son and his family. I will have them all in the mail in next couple weeks. I have a front to finish on Jackson's sweater.

I have seen the Head Frog another time. I am glad she has the time to come back to our world of knitting. She is a talented knitter. We have talked the Real J. to teach one more 'finishing class'. I hope to fill the class up so I can also attend. She is so full of knitting knowledge that it is a joy to work for her. If any of you that follow this attempt at blogging, are interested in the class call the shop and sign up before its full.

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Violet said...

Hey lady! Beautiful pics. Glad that you talked the Real J. into teaching one more class. She is an amazing finisher. I may even sign up for it!