Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fires, Crops, Knitting and Guess Who

We all have been suffering from smoke here along with the heat. In the past month we have seen very few clear blue sky's. Some days we see some blue if we look directly up. But the horizon is grey with smoke. You can look directly at the sun as it sets, the smoke has so filtered it. The only thing worse is those who are losing homes and living in evacuation centers only to return to where their homes were to find their lives changed. The above photo was taken by a newspaper and shows the down town area where I use to live. Can you imagine seeing that huge fire storm and being able to close your eyes that night? This is down town Grass Valley.
For those of you that worry we may not have food, these 2 fields show a very green rice field along with a field of sunflowers. Both of these fields are close to where I currently live. Yes I drove north to Mothers again for a very busy week. I visited the most beautiful Lavender Farm but was unable to take photo's as it was shrouded in smoke. I did not in 7 days lay eyes on Mt. Shasta. Sad to say it was also covered in smoke and hard to believe not visible once time during my visit.

I also got a very fast trip to Ashland, Oregon and a small shopping trip to Web-sters. I managed to find 2 kinds of yarns that are not sold at the yarn shop I am currently working at a couple days of the week. One was Noro Sock Yarn. I got two grey/brown/tan skeins, thinking they would make a nice light weight shawl. Have no pattern in mind.

The second purchase was 600 yards of Schaefers Nancy. This is completed as you can see by the photo below. I do have to block it yet. But it is off the needles and ends woven in. I like this pattern and the casual shawl with a ruffle around the edges. It was a fast knit.

While at Mothers I finished up my cotton top. I like this sweater, but it turned out to be just a little to heavy to wear in 100 degree weather. I will be wearing it this fall when the world outside cools down somewhat. I spent last Sunday sewing it together.

And for my final picture of the day it is the Guess Who child. He took his second airplane trip down to the Outter Banks to someones wedding. He also had new outfits to travel with. One being his dress up outfit for the wedding, but the cutest one is his "surfer dude" swim suit. I do have pictures to show later where his father took him in the water. He was not fond of it and the wind that kept blowing in his face. Remember how it takes baby's breath away when the wind blows on them? Here he is being rescused by his Mother.

Some friend has been nagging for me to update blog. I know I have been slow but have been working some extra afternoons a week and my body and mind are numb when I return home. I have much more to post about my trip north and my mini reunion with friends. I will get photo's together and have a little 'friend' post soon.
Keep those needles moving!!!

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Antevasin said...

Janice, your little 'surfer dude' just keeps getting cuter by the day...and he has!!!
Looking forward to seeing your completed shawl and T!