Monday, March 24, 2008

What Knitting?

I ask you, does this look like a 5 week old baby? I don't know what happens to them on the east coast but this baby looks ready for pre school. It appears I will be leaving next Monday for my trip to visit Jack. I was told the 31st. but have yet to see the ticket. I fly to LAX, then grab a red eye to DC. I was told to take a Valium and a shot of Jack Daniels so when I arrive at 7 am Tuesday I will be alert and ready for my Grammie duties. I will probably fall off the plane, stagger around looking for luggage, and smell like I spent the night in a jail somewhere getting sober. The baby will only cry when he sees me. "please Daddy this can't be MY Grammie" Or maybe worse, I will still be drunk from my big shot of Jack Daniels, I am not a good drinker. One shot could cover a week long nap for me!

It seems I knit, but have not got a thing to show for it. I was with Mother for 4 days and I don't know why I think I will have time to knit while with her. She is a full time job. Cooking, cleaning, doing her laundry, dressing her, undressing her. She can not even walk around the house alone any more. You must assist her doing everything now. I don't know how my brother does it. I give him a huge hug for his commitments to Mom. He is so good to her. The grand kids had fun, Grandson didn't want to come home. He drives the ATV around the property and loves it. Daughter rode with him. They all hiked, played in the snow there, dug around some old abandon sheds on the property and found some treasures to bring home with them. It was fun to wake up and have the kids around me all day. With limited luggage on airplanes now, I am thinking only thing I can take with me in the way of yarn and needles is sock yarn. I have one pair of socks on the needles and maybe will be packing two skeins of sock yarn to work on there. I don't know, I am trying to figure out this mid season clothes packing. Off to clean house, and run errands its that day of the week!!

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jillied said...

hmmmm...valium and Jack Daniels is a lethal combination. Are you sure they are expecting you to be able to take care of that darling baby? It sounds more like they're trying to get rid of Grammie!!!!!!

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