Monday, February 04, 2008

This and That

First I need to thank Caren for a wonderful gift I received during our late holiday gift exchange. My favorite color all the way around. A wonderful blue bag, sock yarn in my favorite colors, a great toe up patter from Hand Jive Knits, beautiful stitch markers, needle point holders, and best of all a gift card from Panera's, which is where we meet on Weds nights. OH!! and those special yarn bra's!! Thank you Caren! I had a great person to shop and plan for, Dana, and so enjoyed it.

The next photo is of a package I have started to put together for the new baby, who is now named Jack. I got him the standard "Mother Goose" book and then one that I had read to me as a child. "Meet Babar" is a story that my mother read to me. I loved Babar as a child, and hope this new guy enjoys the story also. Then all grand children should have a bib that says "I love my Grandma" lol I don't want him to forget me till I get there to meet him in person. I will be going back later this spring to have a week of cooing and hugging. I so look forward to this trip. I am finishing up a small white blanket to send also.
This photo is of the back of the Oblique sweater. I have knitted and knitted and knitted on and am only to the armhole decrease on the back. The reason for all the knitting is I have had to tink back several times to correct errors. I tend to forget a yarn over here and there, to add to the trauma of knitting this sweater.

The knitting Guru is finishing up her sleeves. She has enjoyed this pattern and not had to make as many 'fixes' I have had to do. I see Cara has finished her sweater and posted pictures. She is a beautiful knitter. I also see this pattern comes out larger than planed. I am glad I went down a size for mine and all those that have knitted this sweater have given out tips for adjustments.

To comment on my last post, I waited 2 weeks to hear from Russell, but alas it did not happen. I also did some checking on line and it is a posed picture, the guy really doesn't knit!!!! Just when I thought there was hope for the perfect guy!

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The Knitting Nerd said...

WHAT?!!??!? Russell does NOT knit??!?!?! Thanks for raining on my parade! Hmmmppphhhh :=)
Can't wait to see your progress on your sweater Wednesday!